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Moving Head Lights

In this age of music videos, it’s no longer enough to just get the sound right, you also need to get the visuals up to par We provide Moving Head Light series is with carefully selected high quality and reliable components for our lighting products. ensuring that the performers on stage are highlighted and adding visual flare and drama that matches the songs that are being performed.

Fog Machines

Fog is one of the most popular theatrical effects on stage. When implemented properly, they add visual excitement that complements the music. So if you are looking for misty wisps of fog in the air we guarantee to provide quality performing foggers.

Band Equipment

We are able to equip you with premium band equipment to deliver the true sound of the starring band. A complete set of amplifiers for every instrument, speakers, drum sets, guitars, microphones, and many more that your band needs. All of our gear is serviced regularly, properly stored, and always ready for your next performance.

PA Systems

Public Address Systems provide connection, sound amplification and distribution to get your music heard by the public. They encompass everything that your instrument or vocal signal has to pass through to get to your audience. We provide you with equipment that includes microphones, cables, mixers, amplifiers, speakers and every item in between.

Create a lasting Impact

With O’bros Entertainment, your guests will leave thinking about the experience they have had. Our objective is to make sure your idea evolves to the perfect event you want.