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We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences and ensure that we deliver fresh and creative concepts that engage, inspire and delight our clients.

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Create an unforgettable experience with O'bros Entertainment

We specialize in providing sound, lighting, stage and visual display for all types of events, such as Corporate parties, Private parties, Weddings, Concerts and festivals. Our recording studio is fully equipped with professional equipment for audio production where artists are able to produce their master pieces. We have a sound booth set up to handle live recordings with all the equipment needed for a live band.

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If you are looking to put up a meaningful and memorable event then look no further as we provide quality event equipment for hire.


O'bros entertainment presents you with an array of services that device completely personalised and unforgettable affairs.

Event Management and Production

With the help of our young and vibrant team, watch your idea develop into an event – on time and on budget, wherever you want to hold it. We listen to understand your brand, event vision and objectives, then we come up with an event concept and theme to meet your goals.

Music Production

Our Recording studio is fully equipped with the needed gear for quality production of music. Our producers work together with the client to design, create and produce quality work that we are proud of.

Audio and Visual Solutions

O’bros Entertainment is a one-stop shop for you visual and audio solutions. We provide a versatile platform, where you can hire our products.

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O'bros Entertainment Studios

O’bros Studios gives musicians the space to create. From bands and drums to choirs and ensembles, musicians can track live or work on overdubs. We offer a vocal booth that is perfect for tracking individual instruments or recording vocals on your backing tracks. When you need a quality recording, We will give you professional service with a relaxed vibe.